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Debate reinforces hope in Clinton

Walking onto the stage, Hillary Clinton caught my attention right away in her bright red suit. Hillary is fierce and I personally believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the better candidate between Donald J. Trump and herself.

Clinton’s claims are the most reasonable and potentially more effective towards continuing to make America a better place. She plans to make opportunities available for lower class families along with other job related benefits; she wants to make those who are wealthy contribute more toward their taxes, and plans to make education less expensive and have more values experienced for the middle and lower classes.

Hillary Clinton wants to raise the minimum wage and close the wage gap. She is often portrayed as a family-oriented person, and I think this makes her a stronger candidate. She devotes a good portion of her time to supporting single parent households that are struggling to balance their lives with work. Clinton also plans to make childcare more affordable which will really help parents who work.

According to Hillary Clinton during the debate, her plans will be the reason for a 10 million job increase in the United States whereas Trump’s job ideas would conclude in a 3.5 million job decline.

Surprisingly, Clinton and Trump had similar stances on inner cities and African-American communities. Trump was more admitting that many politicians had promised to fix the problems of violence in inner cities and have not actually done anything to permanently fix it. They both agreed that African-American communities have been treated badly. Trump suggested that he would hire more police, where Clinton said she’d want the police officers to take courses that help to enforce a better training process altogether.

Throughout the debate Clinton smiled, kept calm and gave clear answers and rebuttals. Trump, on the other hand, continued to interrupt, make impolite faces, and sometimes didn’t even answer the question that moderator Lester Holt asked.

Kira Carney

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