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Student Senate reviews General Assembly

So, what’s happening in Student Senate? Before I start, I will introduce myself and Student SenateÑ my name is Shannon Caveny and I am your Vice President. This is my third year serving the student body on Senate; my sophomore year I was a senator and last year I was the Secretary, so I have seen my fair share of Senate ups and downs.

Senate does all sorts of cool things and reaches every part of campus, and yet the student body (before now) has heard little about it. Weekly, someone from Senate will be writing to you all through TKS so that what we’re doing is more public. In addition to that, Secretary Joel Vargeese will be sending out the minutes and agendas weekly, and Senate meetings will be added to the weekly events email. I would like to encourage you to attend these meetings if you want to be “in the know” of what is happening on campus, and they are always open to every member of the student body.

At Senate, additional funding requests from clubs are presented, proposals for funding from the Sustainability fund are discussed and we hear reports from all the Faculty Committees on which Student Senators sit and are voting members. Sounds cool, right? So what’s happening this week?

Last week, the General Assembly voted to raise the student activity fee by 3.9 percent (around $14 per student per year) for the 2017-2018 school year. This is the first time that General Assembly has changed this number in several yearsÑ no one currently attending Knox has seen an increase in this fee. There are all sorts of good things that will come of this, especially if the first-year class next year is on the smaller side like this one; we don’t want to make sacrifices in terms of our student life here at Knox.

But that is just one thing going on in Senate right now. I personally encourage you to attend our meetings (7 p.m. on Thursdays in the Trustees Room) if you would like in on the-goings-on.

Shannon Caveny

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