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Student Senate update; Week 9 brings better support to cultural events

So, what’s happening in Senate?

First of all, we would like to inform you on some new, cool updates! As you may notice, when you eat in the Cafeteria, there are mints. Student Senate actually pays for those mints, and we are going to be purchasing updated versions of them soon! So that is one thing to look forward to for the coming next few terms.

If you are on the Exec Board of a cultural club, you should be sure to respond to Diversity Chair Marissa Arrez as soon as possible! A board of cultural clubs in order to better organize and support cultural events is in the works, but in order for that to happen there must be communication with her.

We are also buying condoms! Student Senate fully endorses safe sex on and off campus. 1,000 personalized, logo-emblazoned condoms will be arriving soon.

Questions? Concerns? Email President Tevin Laio at

Shannon Caveny

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