Campus / News / November 10, 2016

Campus Safety Log: Cat-calling and oven fire

Nov. 6

10:00 p.m. THREAT, Near Soccer Field— Campus Safety took a report of a stolen bicycle.


1:29 a.m. DISTURBANCE, 516 S. West — Campus Safety responded to a report of a disturbance between a student and a non-student. Notifications were made.


12:45 a.m. NOISE COMPLAINT, 247 W. Knox — Campus Safety and GPD responded to a call made to Public Safety regarding loud noise at a social event. The noise was voluntarily reduced.


Nov. 4

5:45 p.m. BATTERY, Griffith Hall ­— Campus Safety received information regarding a battery against one student by another student. The students were separated and notifications made.


4:45 p.m. SUSPICIOUS INCIDENT, Off Campus — Campus Safety received a report of a non-student “cat-calling” a student. GPD was contacted.


12:15 p.m. FIRE, Seymour Union Kitchen — Campus Safety responded to a report of an oven fire in the kitchen. The fire was extinguished.


Nov. 3

3:26 p.m. CANNABIS VIOLATION, Raub Hall — Campus Safety responded to a report of a cannabis odor in a residence hall.

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