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Working to stop the normalization of Trump

The inauguration is two days away. I’ve been dreading it, I think most of us have been, but it’s coming. I’ve come to terms (for the most part) with the fact that, after this Friday, Donald Trump will be our president.

However, coming to terms with something is not the same thing as normalizing it. I will never normalize Trump or the things he stands for, and I ask that those of you who feel the same way to make your stance be known. I ask that the media works to never normalize what our country will be put through within the next four years.

Many publications (most publications, really) endorsed Clinton or “anyone but Trump” so, yes, that means that they are acknowledging the insanity that was his campaign, but once he actually sits in officeÑ what will happen? It won’t be a question of “who are they endorsing,” but instead the media will just be reporting what happens throughout his presidency. Look at what Saturday Night Live is doingÑ sure, it isn’t what most people call mainstream media, but they are taking the absurdity of Trump and showing it for what it is.

I won’t normalize his racism. I won’t normalize his blatant incompetence. I will not normalize the fact that our country voted a sexual assailant into office. I realize that it might be the easier thing to doÑ to accept the fact that Trump is our president and he will absolutely destroy everything beautiful that our country has and all of the diversity that makes our country what it is. I won’t do it.

I was talking to an important friend the other day and we started discussing the state of our nation. The discussion turned into a rant, and suddenly we were hurting together. It was nice to have someone to hurt with, to admit fear to. I think that in order to not normalize Trump’s presidency, it is important to stay honest about how it is impacting our lives. It is important to address the fear, to call him out on his bullshit.

Normalization is the easy way out, but it is also dangerous. Don’t let this dark chapter of our country turn into the status quo. We will overcome. We will get through. We will fight back. We will not back down. This will not become our normal.

Lillie Chamberlin
Lillie is a senior at Knox, majoring in creative writing and minoring in gender and women's studies. At The Knox Student, she has worked as the discourse editor, co-editor-in-chief, and is now a co-mosaic editor. She is also a co-nonfiction editor at Catch. Her work has been published in the Galesburg Register-Mail.

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Jan 20, 2017

Well spoken/written & true (& important)

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