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Counseling Center welcomes Maddock

Cody Maddock is the newest counsellor at Knox Health Services. (/TKS)

Cody Maddock started working as a counselor at Knox last Fall Term. (Swapnil Mishra/TKS)

After starting Fall Term short-staffed, the Counseling Center hired Cody Maddock as a new counselor at the end of last term.

“College students have always been my thing,” Maddock said.

Fall Term was Maddock’s first term at Knox, but he’s having an easy time settling into life on campus. Before coming to Knox, he worked in the Career Center at Bradley University, where he was also a student.

“I had a bit of a roundabout way of getting into counseling,” Maddock said.

When he arrived at Bradley, Maddock wanted to be an engineer. After taking a few courses, he realized that his interests centered more around people. He especially liked college students because of their motivation and overall engagement.

“It’s such an interesting time in life when everyone’s building an identity and trying to figure out who they are,” Maddock said.

Maddock’s goals at Knox are to become an involved member of the campus community and to do as much as he can to help students. He also hopes to continue learning to be a better counselor.

“As the student populations change, I’ll change with them,” Maddock said.

Maddock has a particular interest in student athletes and hopes to specialize in helping that population. He is considering furthering his education and getting a doctorate. Having a specialized area that he can call his own is important to Maddock.

“The obvious goal is to help the students,” Maddock said. “That’s why I got into this.”


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