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Sigma Nu to hold party with Tri Delta

On Friday Feb. 10, Delta Delta Delta will help Sigma Nu with security at a registered party, the first time a sorority will have a role at a party at Knox. Both groups see the party as a trial run for future collaboration and the possibility of sorority-sponsored parties.

According to Sigma Nu member and junior Joel Schleicher, Sigma Nu started thinking about working with a sorority for a party last term. He said a female friend of the house mentioned that sometimes women at parties feel uncomfortable approaching a male host about potential issues, and the fraternity wanted to try to change that.

“They don’t necessarily feel comfortable approaching another guy, so they’ll come up to a female friend of the house,” Schleicher said.

“More than Friends: Best Friends: A Friendship Party” will have 11 Sigma Nu members working security at all times, with 11 Tri Delta members also working.This will double the number of students that have worked Sigma Nu’s previous parties.

Sophomore Paty Neri, speaking for Tri Delta, explained that sorority members would not be required to participate, but could volunteer if they wanted. Members will also be wearing their letters during the party, which goes against Tri Delta Nationals policy.

“We decided we are going to wear letters to the party, which is something that wasn’t really allowed before,” Neri said.

Tri Delta had already been working toward throwing a party, and the Friendship Party will be the next step.

According to Neri, they have support for the idea from the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council and Assistant Director of Campus Life for Residential and Greek Education Eleanor Kahn. This first party will serve as a trial run and allow the groups to see if students support the move.

“On a logistical level, it is just another party, but on a macro level it is a lot bigger of a deal,” Sigma Nu Vice President and junior Mic Pori said.

Neri hopes to see changes with the fraternities, too.

“Really, there’s so many other cases, like Title IX or anything, that can happen. That’s one of the things that we’re also working for,” Neri said.

Neri said that Tri Delta hopes the party will convince their overseeing organizations to let sororities have their own parties on campus.

“This will be great for Eleanor Kahn’s mission of bringing the Greek community closer together. So, if this goes well, I could see more fraternities and sororities combining to host parties together, and I think that would bring various Greek organizations closer together,” Sigma Nu President senior Julian Tan said.

Pori also said that Sigma Nu hopes to increase the female security presence at their other parties, to help combat the problem that made them create this party in the first place.

“In general, we’re just trying to change the atmosphere of the parties. Just to make them feel safer,” Neri said.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that IFC training for parties only covers drugs and alcohol. IFC training also covers issues related to Title IX. 

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