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Letter to the Editor: TKS baseball reporting lacks represenation

The recent article titled “Sykes gears up for baseball season” is a very great example of how out of touch The Knox Student is with Knox sports teams. Drake Sykes is a great player who has had many successes, but other players on the baseball team are not recognized for their talent whatsoever by your program. The fact that the “one senior” — Marty Salazar — was not even named in the aforementioned article is very disrespectful. Salazar did not receive conference awards, but his determination and cheery attitude had a big place in the team. Is it that hard to put a name other than Drake Sykes into an article about baseball?

Furthermore, senior Alec Jordan broke the program record for career strikeouts during his junior season. This means he still has an entire season in front of him to add to the career record. He has received no recognition for this amazing achievement by your program. This season he is hoping to break the strikeout record for one season — a record he almost broke last year. It would be interesting to hear from the perspective of one of Knox’s most successful pitchers in the baseball program’s history.

Senior Paul Sanders is coming back after being injured during last year’s season. Sanders is a key part of Knox’s outfield and could lead to a more successful season. I wonder if he is nervous or excited to start this season? Is he planning on returning for a fourth season due to red-shirting last year? You all will never know, it seems.

The program is welcoming a new pitching coach, Nick Milligan. The pitchers are being put through an entirely different preseason than in years past. There is much more conditioning and mental strength involved in Milligan’s training program. Knox’s pitchers could be at a new level of ability this year, I wonder what they have to say about it?

In my opinion, TKS has done a lazy job reporting all sports. However, I am especially shocked how little research or background was put into the coverage of baseball. It seems as though the reporters saw Sykes’s award and decided he was the only Ñ or maybe just the easiest player to interview. The amount of disrespect that shows the other players is astounding. Baseball is a team sport. The Knox Student needs to realize that.

Thank you for your time,

Rose Unger

Rose Unger

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