Discourse / Letters / March 4, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Clarify faculty members’ college roles versus private political involvement

We write out of concern about possible misperceptions that could arise for those reading the TKS article entitled, “Students, faculty resist Trump.” Specifically, we want the following point to be very clear:  Lori Schroeder’s role as Associate Dean of the College and Valerie Billing’s and Emily Anderson’s roles as faculty have no relationship to the creation of and involvement in the activist political group called “March On: Indivisible Knox County.”  We don’t think this distinction is clearly addressed in the piece.

Indeed, from the inception of the local Indivisible group, we have been scrupulously careful not to entangle our roles at the college with our private political involvement as citizens of Knox County. Moreover, the work of the Indivisible group in no way whatsoever represents the views of Knox College. It was our understanding that these points were made very clearly during the interview, so we are disappointed that the distinction between college roles and private roles was not highlighted in the piece.
Lori Schroeder
Emily Anderson
Valerie Billing
Lori Schroeder

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