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Terp embraces the random

The full cast of Kaleidoscope dance in the final performance of the show. (Mitch Prentice/TKS)

When explaining the theme of this term’s Terpsichore performance, vice president junior Claire Cody couldn’t quite put it into words. The range of dark to fun ideas for each dance came together into a production that she thinks is like no other before it.

“Last term, when we looked at the submissions, there was a clear line of ideas like zombies, nightmares, darkness, and so on,” Cody said. “We had a clear vision for it, it struck us. This term is completely random.”

Senior Bridget McCarthy, senior Danielle Fraser, senior Kelsey Doerflinger and senior Blair move slowly to an emotional dance during Kaleidoscope. (Mitch Prentice/TKS)

The dances are student designed and chosen by the Terp staff. Once the submissions are sorted out, the chosen pieces are put together into a show that doesn’t always follow a narrow path. This term, Terp decided to name the show Kaleidoscope, representing the wide variety of dances seen.

In order to make a cohesive show with so little focus on theme, Cody explained the importance of balancing the light hearted routines with the more serious. Looking at the grand scope of the production as a whole, and considering that this terms show has nearly 50 percent more dances, the arrangement of it all was left to what felt natural back to back.

Senior Kyle Heller, senior Moriah Chermak, junior Claire Cody and sophomore Riley Grossman slyly move around a briefcase during the opening performance of the show. (Mitch Prentice/TKS)

Cody hopes that the varied theme of the show will expose interested members to take a chance and join. From jazz to hip hop to contemporary dances, she believes there is truly something for everyone.

“It really is an amazing thing,” Cody said. “All of this is student work and can be done by anybody. We hope to inspire people to try something new, that’s what Terp is all about.”

Mitch Prentice
Mitch Prentice graduated in 2017, majoring in creative writing and minoring in journalism. He volunteered for TKS his sophomore and junior year, and worked as Mosaic Editor his senior year. He has interned alongside Greg Kot at the Chicago Tribune and runs his own website.

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