Campus / Campus Safety / News / May 3, 2017

Campus Safety Log: Motor vehicle accident, damage to TKE

May 3

7:00 a.m., DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, Old Main — Campus Safety received a report of a damaged restroom sign.


May 1

11:47 a.m., MOTOR VEHCLE ACCIDENT, S. West St. and W. Berrien St. intersection — Campus Safety and GPD responded to a motor vehicle accident between a student vehicle and a non-student vehicle which had left the scene.


10:58 a.m., SMOKING VIOLATION, Sellew Hall ­— Campus Safety responded to a fire alarm and discovered evidence of smoking in a residential unit as well as a covered smoke detector.


April 30

2:00 a.m. DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, Tau Kappa Epsilon— Campus Safety received a report of a bottle being thrown at the window of a residential building.


12:09 a.m., DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, Intersection of W. South and S. West St. and W. South St. near Willston Hall ­­— Campus Safety and GPD responded to reports of telephone service boxes which had been damaged.


April 27

11:43 p.m., THEFT, Gizmo — Campus Safety received information regarding the unauthorized use of a Knox ID to make a purchase.



TKS Staff

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