Mosaic / May 17, 2017

Knox dance program presents: Spring Dances

Senior Kelsey Doerflinger points to the crowd during the first dance after intermission. The Knox Dance Program Spring Dances debut Thursday, May 18 at 7:30 p.m. and run until Saturday, May 20. (Mitch Prentice/TKS)


Sophomore Teresa Ricks, seniors Kelsey Doerflinger, Kilee Vega and Claire Cody curve in unison during the opening dance of the night. (Mitch Prentice/TKS)


Seniors Tevin Liao and Blair embrace in the spotlight. (Mitch Prentice/TKS)


Sophomore Alec McGowan stretches out among his other dancers, all in twirling dresses. (Mitch Prentice/TKS)

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