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Letter to the Editor: Fraternity takes action

On the 12th of May, 2017 the “Take Back The Night” rally was drowned out by the music and chants of certain individuals of the Phi Gamma Delta, Gamma Deuteron chapter. After the incident, TKS approached the individuals asking if they wished to make a statement on the altercation that occurred. In the haste to reply to TKS, there was a very poorly worded statement produced and sent in without the full consent or knowledge of every member of this house; this is still no excuse for the language used. Those involved recognize how wrong they were in the handling of this situation as well as keeping the majority of the chapter uninformed. This incident has forced the chapter to question the leadership in the chapter and it has handed down sanctions accordingly. The Gamma Deuteron chapter would like to extend our sincerest apologies to the Knox community, SASS, and all those who were affected by the events that transpired.

As a house, we do not condone sexual assault or relationship abuse. Actions that violate not only Title IX, but also the campus community standards cannot be tolerated and must be met with action from our internal Judicial Board. The members who currently make up Gamma Deuteron desire to be a part of the solution in making Knox College safer and improving the relationship between Greek life and the students on our campus. Our goal is to work with other organizations that specialize in combating sexual assault in order to help spread awareness, in which brothers of this chapter will be in attendance in order to help educate and improve our collective understanding of sexual assault and relationship abuse. Gamma Deuteron stresses that the ignorance portrayed by the brothers involved does not reflect the Fraternity as a whole. In the future, Gamma Deuteron would like to work with organizations like SASS as a means to further our understanding of sexual assault prevention; for sexual assault is too large of an issue to be drowned out by screams and chants of ignorance. We ask that the campus forgive the chapter for this incident and allow us the opportunity to prove that Gamma Deuteron is constantly striving to be the best that it can be. Attached to this statement is the official statement written by the Judicial chair and approved by our internal judicial board which discusses the sanctions to those involved in the altercation.


Our most heartfelt apologies,

The Brothers of Phi Gamma Delta – Gamma Deuteron



The brothers of Phi Gamma Delta – Gamma Deuteron deeply regret the insensitive actions committed against SASS during the “Take Back the Night” march. The judicial board has acted swiftly in establishing sanctions and punishments for the individuals involved. The president and recording secretary involved have both been suspended from their positions and placed on social probation. Three brothers who were complacent in the events are being punished internally for their roles as non-active bystanders. Beyond this, individuals who played roles in this event have taken it upon themselves to take initiative in promoting awareness and combatting sexual assault as early as this summer. For example, brothers have already planned meetings with Kim Schrader in regards to hosting workshops in the fall. The chapter has actively been seeking collaboration with IFC in the form of input from other chapters and advisers on campus. Moving forward, the chapter strives to take a prominent role in working with any and all relevant on campus organizations to create a safe and open environment free of sexual assault. Gamma Deuteron is working to act as positively and transparently as possible in regards to sexual assault, and we encourage the rest of campus to join us in the cause going forward.


Zane Huffman

Phi Gamma Delta-Gamma Deuteron Judicial Chair

Zane Huffman

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