Columns / Discourse / May 24, 2017

We must resist together!

Coming in as a first-year, I would have never thought I would identify myself as an activist. I joined M.E.Ch.A. not knowing exactly what it was. No one in the organization really knew what it was or all the work that came with it — we were a brand new chapter learning along the way. Four years later, I am transitioning out of my second year as Co-President of M.E.Ch.A. de Knox. I have gone to several protests and demonstrations both on and off campus and have assisted in organizing and leading demonstrations. I have learned from my fellow M.E.Ch.A. members across the nation, but most of all I have grown with my chapter here at Knox. One thing I regret as a leader is not making enough time to stand in full solidarity with my peers and M.E.Ch.A.’s comrade organizations. We have definitely collaborated with other clubs and organizations to host events on campus and donated funds to bring different speakers, but when it comes down to the serious shit, we haven’t always been united. Our campus is full of outspoken individuals with goals and values aimed to better the lives of ourselves, our peers, and the world around us. I want to see these different individuals and different organizations on campus come together to support each other in our fights. This includes M.E.Ch.A. I don’t want to take away credit from the events and teamwork that has been put in the past; I’m just saying that we need more. We say we care, but if we aren’t present in showing our solidarity or in asking one another what we can do to help, we can only take baby steps forward. In order to succeed, we must succeed together. Keep on resisting, but let’s resist together.

Marilyn Barnes

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