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Chef Crouch no longer employed by Knox

Head Chef Jason Crouch has been confirmed to be unemployed by Bon Appétit and Knox College. (Photo courtesy of Knox Faces)

Head Chef Jason Crouch has been with Knox since the college first employed Bon Appetit in the fall of 2015. As of this week, The Knox Student can confirm that Crouch no longer works for either Knox College or Bon Appetit.

According to an email sent by General Manager of Dining Services Diane Welker to TKS on May 23, Crouch is “no longer with Bon Appetit.”

Another email from Vice President of Finance Keith Archer, also sent on May 23, stated that “Jason was employed by Bon Appetit and is no longer the Executive Chef on the Knox College account due to issues unrelated to Knox College or the Knox College Dining Services staff.”

During a phone call with Bon Appetit headquarters, representative Sherry Lee confirmed that Crouch is no longer employed by the company of Bon Appetit.

At the time of publication, TKS cannot confirm any other details regarding Crouch’s unemployment. However, this story may further be developed online at

Erika Riley, Editor-in-Chief
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May 25, 2017

Archer is a liar. He may have been fired because “he wasn’t a good fit for the position” but that’s only because they don’t want anything on paper admitting he did what he did. The same reason they started a rumor about an “inappropriate relationship” to answer questions when they arise and discredit those who might suggest otherwise. But I’m just a squirrel, what do I know? ;o)

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