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As of this week, my time at The Knox Student is officially over. It’s hard to put into words the feeling of being done with something that was so much a part of my life for the last three years. I’ve spent more hours than I could track working in the Publication Office; interviewing administration, students and community members; writing articles and transcribing interviews. In my time at Knox I’ve contributed to more than 60 issues of TKS as a writer, news editor and this year as editor-in-chief.

The work that staff members put into making this newspaper is not easy. It can be controversial, exhausting, emotional and is always time-consuming. The work can also be really fulfilling, exciting and meaningful. It has shaped much of my time at Knox and I’ve made some of my best friends at Knox through this organization, gone to conferences and won awards.

No matter how many people are working or what successes we have, ultimately, this newspaper is crafted for you. Every week writers and editors work to ensure that the Knox community is well-informed about what is happening on campus. We report on issues that matter and find stories that otherwise go unheard.

If you didn’t already know, TKS is completely written and run by students without guidance, proofreading or editing from the administration or any college representative.

The staff works tirelessly to bring you the facts about things that matter on this campus.

Looking back at the last three and a half years, I’ll be the first to say that there are stories that should have been written but weren’t, things that should have been reported differently and mistakes made along the way.

There is, in my opinion, incredible value in this work. TKS is the only news source for the college that is not put out by the Office of Communications or other affiliates. If individuals want to know about what is happening on campus, it is necessary and important reading.

I hope you see the same importance in this paper that I do. Support it by reading, writing an article, subscribing, submitting a letter to the editor or letting editors know when a mistake has been made so it can be corrected.

TKS is always at its best when the most people are engaged, providing feedback, writing articles and submitting discourse.

I’ve been lucky to work with great staffs each year that I have been on TKS, but I have to give the greatest thanks to my staff this year. They have been a pleasure to work with and I am constantly grateful for their humor, support, skill, hard work and care.

I hope you’ve read TKS in print or online and I hope you’ve learned something you didn’t know about, considered a new perspective or opinion and generally felt more informed about what is happening on this campus. Thank you to the administration, faculty, staff, students and citizens of Galesburg that have taken the time out of their days to be interviewed, write a letter or submit a story tip.

Get involved, share your voice and keep reading.

Rachel Landman
Rachel Landman graduated in 2017, majoring in creative writing and double mimnoring in journalism and environmental studies. She was editor-in-chief of TKS her senior year and worked for TKS for a four years as a News Editor her sophomore and junior years and as a volunteer writer as a freshman. Rachel is the recipient of two first place awards from the Illinois College Press Association in 2015 for investigative reporting and news story. She also won second place awards in 2016 for news story and sports feature story. She saw her staff win general excellence for 2016. In addition to The Knox Student, her work has been published in the Galesburg Register-Mail and Catch Magazine. She studied abroad in London during Winter and Spring Term of her junior year. Twitter: @rachellandman_

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