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How I spent my summer in Galesburg

After my first year at Knox, I can say that I am excited to see what this year has in store for me. I am more comfortable than I have been anywhere else, a testament to the safe place that Knox is and to the kind of people here that do their best to create a safe place for students. I am excited for the opportunity to meet new people and for the memories that will be made with the existing friends.

This excitement would not be what it is without the summer I had that served as the backdrop for an amazing start to the school year. I am from Galesburg so staying here while everyone left for home was a sad bit of reality that I had to get used to. I was employed at Taco Bell and working the closing shifts made it close to impossible to interact with the few Knox students who also call Galesburg their home this summer. I needed to find something that I could do this summer that was not just making tacos or else I would go insane.

Last year I joined Improv Club and found a craft that I was truly passionate about. Comedy was a great way for me to destress so I thought I’d look for those same outlets found at Knox, but in Galesburg. Lo and behold I found a group of guys, who call themselves “We Eat Monsters,” doing improv in town and even hosting their own shows. I was able to get to know these guys this summer, simply through improv, and that’s pretty cool. “Sugar High Theatricals” also does a comedy open-mic once a month downtown on Seminary Street I’ve never done stand up before but why not? I like making people laugh and I’ve done it before so I gave it a try and now I have “Joey original” jokes.

The whole summer was pretty freaking awesome, these are just a few of the things that stand out. I worked with Bluebrick Collective who helped with providing a place to bring these guys together for laughter. I also caught a lot of live music at DIY Galesburg shows. This pattern of doing and going to things ensures that I always have something to talk about. At the least it is something to distract me from some of the not so cool things that can be found in the world, or in my head if left alone for too long.

These new habits I’ve formed will ensure that I have an eventful year here at Knox. Be on the lookout for more cool things happening on and off campus. I will do my best to promote awesome things that people are doing and I will even organize some of my own. Let’s hype all the cool things we do, I know I will!


Joey Peterson

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