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Meeting the freshman class of 2021

Kristal Palacios


Pre-Med, and Neuroscience

Palacios plans to join Casa Latina, M.E.Ch.A. and Improv Club.

Abdullah Ashra


Computer Science and Economics

Ashra is looking forward to learning programming and joining physics club.

Jocelyn Ruby



Ruby looks forward to Ultimate Frisbee, making friends and making her way as a journalist.

Dmitri Chambers

Vindhaven, Maine


Chambers is looking forward to playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Kimberly Lopez

Houston, Texas

Health Studies and Business Management

Lopez hopes to make friends and find a Christian group or church.

Karina Khanna


Economics or Psychology

Khanna looks forward to trying new things and joining clubs.

Jonny Schneider

Woodell, Ill.

Psychology and Neuroscience

Schneider wants to get into psychiatry and attend medical school.

Erika Rangle

Chicago Heights, Ill.


Rangel plans to join M.E.Ch.A., S.A.S.S. and is part of the Knox Jazz Ensemble.


Sam Jacobson, Co-News Editor
Sam Jacobson is a junior majoring in philosophy and potentially minoring in creative writing or psychology. She started volunteer writing during spring term of her freshman year, and worked as a staff writer during her sophomore year.
Dan Perez, Photo Editor

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