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Freshmen join Student Senate

Freshmen Le Duy Long and Aleksandra Gicala are two of the new freshman who have been elected to Student Senate. (Katy Coseglia/TKS)

The Class of 2021 has now selected its Student Senators. Coming from various cities and countries, their experiences have shaped what they hope to achieve with their position.

The six freshman senators are: Aleksandra Gicala, Alexandra Glinski, Carolina Hodgson, Aqib Ali Hussnain, Andrew Liput and Le Duy Long.

Hussnain is a pre-law major from Lahore, Pakistan. He is the First-Year Representative for the Class of 2021. He likes video games and chocolate milk. Hussnain decided to run for Student Senate in order to address rape culture on campus.

“I ran on the platform to educate people on sexual assault and substance abuse,” Hussnain said. “I feel like everybody on campus should be comfortable and be in an environment where they’re not harassed so that they can make the most out of their college experience.”

Glinski is from the Chicago suburb of Lansing. She enjoyed theatre in high school, as well as speech team and Scholastic Bowl. Her hobbies include practicing mindfulness with coloring books and yoga, which she does here at Knox.

“I always wanted to be in student council in high school, but never had the opportunity,” Glinski said. “I would always have ideas of what I wished was different at my old school and it felt like I could contribute more by joining the Senate here.”

Hodgson was born and raised in Houston. Before leaving for Knox, she assisted homeless people affected by Hurricane Harvey. She is fluent in Spanish and wants to work towards a career where she serves her community.

“I’ve always wanted to make a change, but never felt like I had a voice,” she said. “I really liked helping people who needed the help and I think I just want to do that more.”

Liput is from Wrigleyville, in Chicago. In high school, he took part in Model U.N. and policy debate. His interests include fantasy books and strategy-oriented video games. He intends to major in international relations and possibly economics as well.

“I’m interested in making the most out of a limited amount of money for students,” Liput said about his decision to join the Finance Committee for Student Senate. “I’ve heard it has a high dropout rate but the process really interests me. I don’t want to be a politician. My goal is to work in the federal bureaucracy, so I think that my time on Student Senate will be valuable.”

“To me, being on Student Senate is about the responsibility,” Long said. “I want to grow myself and the community. I don’t want to be the only one moving on — I want everyone to move on.”

Aleksandra Gicala was unable to be reached for an interview.

Fletcher Summa, Staff Writer

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