Discourse / Letters / October 4, 2017

Letter to the Editor: FBI has devastated communities of color

Knox has declared its opposition to white supremacy and a commitment to “at-risk” students—DACA students, African Americans, Latinx, LGBTQ. Knox has also declared its support for the principles of “sanctuary schools.” Given those priorities, inviting an FBI agent to Knox to convince students that employment with that agency is a “terrific” opportunity sends the wrong message. Moreover, it suggests that the event was planned without consideration of our most vulnerable students. I don’t believe this oversight was malicious, but it does underscore the point that white Americans and “at-risk” populations in the U.S. have very different experiences with law enforcement. The latter group is disproportionately targeted, surveilled, arrested, deported, brutalized and murdered by local and federal police officers. This is precisely the point of Black Lives Matter and the more recent anthem protests. We, the Knox community, must remain vigilant and redouble our dedication to the spirit of abolition—protect the vulnerable, solidarity with the oppressed, struggle against unjust laws. Love stronger. Fight harder. Together, we will win!


All Black Lives Matter,

The Ghost of Fred Hampton,


Brother Shabazz

Visiting Lecturer Africana Studies


TKS Staff

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