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Aux Gym to remain empty

The Aux Gym once offered space for dance practices but now stands empty after Whitcomb Art Center freed space in CFA. (Rafael Cho/TKS)

The Auxiliary Gym, which used to serve as a space for dance classes and art projects, is currently closed with no immediate plans to reopen or to renovate the building.

“The Aux Gym is closed down because there currently isn’t a need for it,” Director of Facilities Services Scott Maust said. “We don’t know for sure what we want to put in there or use it for.”

Uses are limited by the occupancy limits from the Fire Department and the building’s layout.

This is not the first time the Auxiliary Gym has changed purpose. Since Maust’s arrival to Knox in 1996, it has served many purposes, with the latter constantly changing once other facilities were built.

“Fencing used to use it a little bit. The basement on the west side served as the visitor’s football team locker room, but then we built the fitness center and that took people out of there,” Maust said.

Maust explained that because the Whitcomb Art Center (WAC) moved art classes and studios away from CFA, dance classes then moved to that empty space.

“The new art building freed up some space and CFA is where dance is now,” Maust said.

Since dance was the main purpose of the Auxiliary Gym, Knox decided to close it down until another purpose is proposed. Once that happens, according to Maust, the senior administration will consider renovations.

The Aux Gym has been home to several different organizations in the past decades, but is now unused. (Rafael Cho/TKS)

“I think if there was a real defined need and we had the money to do the renovations then I think that would be looked at a little bit harder.”

Maust explained that projects such as WAC and the renovations for Alumni Hall relied upon funding from donors. Knox is currently fundraising for renovations to the Science and Mathematics Center (SMC) and for new turf for the men’s soccer field. Since the Auxiliary Gym does not have a clear purpose, it is not as high of a priority.

“The priority will come when there is a need and then we can find donors. … Those are kind of the priority projects right now, the fundraising projects right now,” Maust said. “With the art building, it was a need. We had a donor who was very interested in it give a gift so that shifted the focus on that. We were just finishing up Alumni Hall. Now they’re focusing on SMC.”

Fletcher Summa, Staff Writer

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Nov 01, 2017

Every inch of space in the basement used to be art space. You had senior projects in defunct shower stalls. It was pretty underground.

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