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How to support your friends who are survivors

Over the past couple of days, a lot of women have been coming out about their experiences with sexual assault and harassment by posting the words “me too” on social media platforms. This inspired me to write something to explain what this means for the world. I have seen almost every one of my female friends write these words. It is so important for people, especially men, to open their eyes and realize how frequently sexual violence occurs. I would also like to take the time to tell men how to be an ally for your female friends.

If you are male, you are privileged. Realizing this is crucial. It is the first step in understanding why this happens to so many women. Another way to support your female friends is to stop talking over us and mansplaining things to us. If you see another male doing this, call him out. Call anyone out if they make a sexist comment. Don’t make sexist comments yourself. Never call a woman crazy. Never grab or touch a woman without her permission. Pay women the same amount as you pay a man. And remember, no means no!

If you identify as female, support your fellow women. It is important that we stand together and not tear each other down. It can be hard, but every woman deserves to be supported. If a friend posted “me too,” believe her. Most of the time, I can guarantee, she is not lying. Listen to each other and support each other. Every woman has a story to tell, and that story deserves to be listened to.


Bridey Jones

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