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There is a problem with so-called “unbiased” journalism

I have a problem with journalism.

Journalism likes to pride itself on sharing people’s stories. Good journalism also aims to provide an unbiased account of issues that concern the readers.

Plain and simple, journalism preys on those less fortunate. There is always going to be an underprivileged person whose terrible situation is exploited by some journalist who is simply trying to “educate” the masses. Sure, maybe things get better for that individual if the story blows up, but what about the countless others in similar situations whose voices remain unheard? Journalism always caters to those with power and attempts to consolidate as much of it as possible. Meanwhile, the publication desperately tries to pander to their audience and be thought of as some bastion of truth.

Journalism will never be unbiased. It always serves to benefit the writers first and the publication second, with whatever excess benefits being passed down to the subjects of the article.

I believe it is important to be aware of the motives of the writers and the publishers before digesting any news source. Both should be upfront and honest about their intentions. Putting yourself into a story should not be a taboo. A simple reflection from the author on the piece and the thought process that went into forming the idea can provide important insight on the nature of the journalist and the publication.

This is why I write my columns. Before I dive into the world of journalism, I need my audience to know exactly who I am and where I’ve came from.

Instead of waiting for a journalist to come around and tell someone else’s story, we should be encouraging individuals to share it themselves.


Joey Peterson

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