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Thoughts from the Embers: Striving to uphold journalistic values at TKS

With the changes that have come to the way people in this country access their news, consequences have emerged. More than ever before, people get their news off of their favorite social media sites. This has several issues, as it causes many to live in an echo-chamber of sorts, reading stories and reports that will tend to confirm existing biases.

We, at TKS, remain committed to values like fairness, accountability, balance and clarity. To us, these are professional values and being a college newspaper is not an excuse to ignore them. As part of our goal of providing quality journalism to campus, some of us will be attending the ACP/CMA Fall National College Media Convention in Dallas, Tex. this weekend. There, not only are we up for three awards, but we will have a chance to interact with and learn from our peers and professionals. We promise to come back a better paper (and we will hopefully be carrying an award or two with us).

We recognize that we are the only student news source on campus. To us, that means that we need to present facts and write balanced stories. At the same time, opinion does, and should, have a place in a paper. Our most read story online continues to be a column written after the 2016 election.

At the same time, we also acknowledge that there is always room for improvement across all of our sections. We critique our own issues every week and welcome community input to help us improve. One of the first events we will do at the Convention is a critique. We go not only to the national convention but also to an Illinois convention in the spring. The goal of going to all of these conferences is to improve our journalism within the context of providing both fair, balanced reporting and a chance for all voices to be heard in discourse.

For all of these efforts, we recognize it is impossible to completely remove bias from reporting. Each reporter brings their own background and existing biases to a story and while knowing this can help us minimize it.

We hope to take we’ve learned so far this year as a mostly new staff and continue to improve as we close out the term.

TKS Editorial Board

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