Campus / News / January 17, 2018

Student Senate Briefing: Continuing Fall Term projects

A form of guidelines for bringing speakers to campus is currently being developed by the Diversity Campus Committee and was announced at last Thursday’s Student Senate meeting.

These guidelines are being drafted after controversies regarding FBI Special Agent Amy Buschleine’s virtual talk through the KNect program were brought to Senate. An estimated time for when these guidelines will be implemented or proposed has not been announced.

The issues of the cancellation of the play “The Good Person of Szechwan” were revisited when student senator Flora Florova briefed the senators of the recent cancellation of another play called “Fix Me, Jesus.” According to Florova, pressure from multiple students regarding the content of the play led the theatre department to issue another cancellation.

At this time, Florova suspects that there will be no further discussion of the cancellation of “Fix Me, Jesus” within the theatre department.

The next Student Senate meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Wilson House.

Sierra Henry, Co-News Editor on Email
Sierra Henry, Co-News Editor
Sierra Henry is a senior Political Science major who is minoring in journalism. During her time at Knox she has had her work published in the Robinson Daily News, the Galesburg-Register Mail and Cellar Door. In the summer of 2017 she studied abroad in Bologna, Italy where she worked as a student foreign correspondent.

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