Discourse / Letters / January 31, 2018

Lettert to the Editor: Regarding media discourse

Dear fellow students,


Recently, posters were put up on social media and around campus that were intended to question the actions of a student media group, but also targeted a member of that group specifically and by name.

The postings asked us to confront issues that involve Knox media locally and mirror issues of journalism and discourse globally. These issues are important: who determines what is “real news?” Who determines whether or not an editorial is “worthy” of being published? Where is the balance between journalistic standards and freedom of speech?

We support the presence of such discourse within our community in multiple forms. What we do not support is publicly targeting one individual student as singularly responsible for perceived problems within a given institution.

We encourage an atmosphere which values free expression and the debate of ideas with which we disagree but challenge ourselves to ensure that such expression and debate occurs within a culture of respect.




Sofia Tagkaloglou

Student Senate President


on behalf of Student Senate Executive Board


TKS Staff

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