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Faculty Meeting Briefing: Members discuss curriculum model, SLC presents food insecurity survey

A report on the faculty survey done by the Student Life Committee (SLC) revealed that 45.3 percent of student respondents had experienced food insecurity while at Knox.

In his presentation during the Committee Reports section of the February faculty meeting on Monday, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Ben Farrer explained that while the survey responses were not a perfect representation of the demographics of the Knox community, the problem was clearly a systemic one that needed to be addressed.

Farrer also provided evidence that the responses were not just about short-term experiences and that students were not just voicing discontent with Bon Appet’t. Assistant Professor of Physics Nathalie Haurberg, who is also on SLC, added to Farrer’s presentation, saying that no matter the percentages, 145 students experiencing food insecurity was already a large problem.

Earlier in the meeting, the faculty discussed the proposed model of the curriculum overhaul. Currently, the model includes three foundations courses for first-year introduction to liberal arts, explorations of the various fields of subjects and a specialization. The committee sees these as being equivalent to current graduation requirements.

The change proposed is the introduction of guiding principles – creative thinking, active learning and citizenship. The faculty discussion focuses on how exactly the committee plans on having the principles interact with the foundations. They also talked about the use of the word “citizenship” which faculty members argued could be exclusionary to some students and could be better expressed in terms students themselves would be more likely to use.

The faculty took a strawpoll on approving the continued development of the model and passed it.

The faculty also discussed a proposal from MSAC and Campus Diversity Committee to have a Day of Dialogue on April 11. They did not take a vote but members expressed concerns that they would lose another day of teaching in a term that is already only nine weeks long.

They unanimously approved three measures on changes to voting rules for the Midwest Conference for athletics.

In her report, President Teresa Amott continued a discussion that was started in previous faculty meetings about the drop in applicants, which is mostly due to a decrease from non-selective schools in Chicago.

Connor Wood, Editor-in-Chief
Connor Wood is a senior with a double major in English Literature and Environmental Studies. He started as a volunteer writer and then staff writer his freshman year and was a news editor his sophomore and junior years. He has also worked as a communications intern for the Aldo Leopold Nature Center and as an intern with Unified News Group, both in the Madison, WI, suburbs.

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