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Player of the Week

Freshman Hunter Lee has, in the short span of this indoor season, proven himself a formidable asset of the Prairie Fire track and field program. He secured a place in the 400 meter relay from the first meet onward amongst junior Malik Hamilton and freshman Arthur Santoro. Since the season’s first organized meet in the second week of January, Lee is the only member of the 4×400 meter relay team to have run the event in every meet. Lee has also been a regular in the 400 meter sprint, racking up multiple top 10 finishes in that single event.

Partly thanks to Lee, the Prairie Fire men’s relay teams have been on an unprecedented steady tear during this indoor season, breaking a school record in the 400 meter relay at Monmouth College on Feb. 10 on top of beating the Scots, and going on to break that same record twice in each of the following meets. The combined relay team of Hamilton, Santoro, junior Zachary Barnes and Lee managed to shave nearly a full second off their original 3:26.28 record time going into the Midwest Conference championship meet this weekend.

The first day of action in the MWC championships held the most success for Lee and his relay mates, who ran for a time of 1:31.28 in the 4×200, good for a third place finish and another broken school record. Men’s track and field finished with a sixth overall placing in conference Ñ a school best in recent years and a strong precedent for future successes.


Tyler Price

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