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Approved theme houses make plans for next year

Freshman Alycia Cortez stands in front of M.E.Ch.A. House, which she helped organize for next year to keep it going. (Dan Perez/TKS)

Freshman Fernando Guzman described being elated when he and his friends received confirmation that their proposed film-themed house was officially accepted.

“We got the email and all of us were so happy to be able to know that we’re gonna have a dedicated space to what we love,” Guzman said.

The Film House is one of five theme houses expected to be on campus next year following approval by the Student Senate. M.E.Ch.A House, The Burrow, Smash House and Shanti Home make up the others. A sixth house approved by the senate, Cinematography House, is no longer being created by its organizers.

“It’s kind of a show and tell type of thing,” Guzman said, explaining that Film House will consist of celebrating movies through screenings and discussions about movies.

He and his friends plan to recreate famous movie posters to decorate the suite and hope to receive school assistance in getting a film projector for the suite.

“We wanted to start the house because we wanted to express our love for film that our group of friends has by showing it to other people,” Guzman said.

The Burrow is another new house created to celebrate a common interest, being based around Harry Potter.

Junior Talia Bossingham, left, and sophomore Hannah Arbeiter, right, stand in front of the house that will be the Burrow next year. The house will be Harry Potter themed. (Dan Perez/TKS)

“We call it the Burrow because the Burrow is the Weasleys’ house and everyone is welcomed there . . . and that’s kind of what we want to embody,” sophomore Hannah Arbeiter, one of the house’s members, said.

Plans for activities inspired by the series include a Triwizard Tournament, involving games such as capture the flag, Harry Potter themed cooking, wand-making and quidditch.

“We definitely want it to be like a space where people can come, hang out and completely nerd out if they want to,” Arbeiter said.

The house also expects to collaborate with many other groups on campus, such as the organizers of the already existing Yule Ball event, the equestrian team for thestral racing (based on the magical creatures from the books) and the Green House for a version of herbology.

“It’s a very inclusive theme and it really relates to a lot of our generation,” junior Talia Bossingham, also one of the house’s founders, said.

Remaining on campus will be the culturally themed M.E.Ch.A House. Freshman Alycia Cortez helped gather people to make up the house and get it approved after learning from the upperclassmen club members about it not being a permanent house.

“I guess I’m going to get another . . . family connection, but [it’s] even closer since now I’ll be living with other people,” Cortez said. She described the sense of family as what had drawn her to M.E.Ch.A in the first place.

Cortez noted she was also looking forward to cultural variety within the house.

“Now it’s more diverse … we have more Caucasians in the house and I’m really excited about that because it’s not just Latinos or Latinas,” she said.

Also remaining on campus will be Smash House, the house set around the Super Smash Bros. video games.

“When we finish our work, it’s kind of nice to all chill and have something in common we can all do together,” house member and sophomore Arturo Jimenez said.

Jimenez spoke about the importance of having the house to the Smash Club, saying it was necessary for them as a space for preparing for the club’s events.

“At the same time, it’s a good way to bring new people in as well since we have a nice, central location,” he said.

Going forward, Jimenez noted that they were looking into working with new clubs and venues for their future events. He emphasized that they wanted to keep their approach to gaming casual and open, inviting interested people to check out the house.

“It’s a pretty cool place to be, and if you like making friends and playing some games, come by,” he said.

Carlos Flores-Gaytan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Mar 11, 2018

“the organizers of the already existing Yule Ball event”? I usually won’t comment of things, but my sorority that I graduated from last spring, Alpha Sigma Alpha, had been hosting Yule Ball for at least 7 years if not longer. Sorry, but do your research on these commonly known facts.

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