Columns / Discourse / April 18, 2018

TKS Asks: How important is professionalism on social media?

“If you are doing illegal things, you might not get a job for that … do not post anything you would not want your grandmother to see.”
– Junior Natalie Haddad


“Because there [are] not a lot of policies there in terms of social media privacy and what employers can and cannot look at, at this moment, I think it is very important.”
– Sophomore Dianell Vega

“I think it is important … it is something that is permanent … things can get back to you.”
– Sophomore Omar Santoyo


“Professionalism on and off social media, I see as respect for other humans. I think it is important to have that veil of maturity.”
– Sophomore Zachary Cirone

Eden Sarkisian, Discourse Editor
Eden Sarkisian ‘19 was Discourse Editor for The Knox Student from May 2017 to June 2019.

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