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Deli replaces Q’s cafe

Tables have been set up in what was Q’s Cafe and will now be Delino’s Italian Deli and Bakery in the Bondi Building at 319 East Main St. (Katy Coseglia/TKS)

Diners in downtown Galesburg will soon have a new option, as Delino’s Italian Deli and Bakery moves into the spot recently vacated by Q’s Cafe in 319 East Main St.

Couple Jim and Beth Register, the owners of Delino’s, are currently hard at work preparing the space for their restaurant’s arrival. Having moved out of their prior location at the end of March, they described getting through the move as having its ups and downs.

“With anything, any transition, there’s some difficult times, there’s some smooth stuff,” said Jim Register. “It’s a process.”

Meeting new standards for allergen certification from the Illinois Department of Health, which restaurants were required to comply with by July, was noted among the changes that the business has had to deal with. However, Jim Register stated that the overall nature of running the business has remained the same.

“Other than the ins and outs of the business, it really hasn’t changed a whole lot,” he said.

Jim is a disabled veteran who served in the Navy during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. He worked as a cook and a fire investigator aboard the ship. Beth spent a few years working for the previous owner of Delino’s before the couple took over the business last year.

The Registers said their hope was that the move would allow them to get more exposure for the restaurant and bring in more customers. The deli was previously located within Cottage Hospital, which presented issues for the business.

“As far as people knowing that we were there, yes, that was a problem. We weren’t able to put a sign or anything to advertise for when people came by … you’re in a hospital, so that’s really not going to happen,” Jim said.

The owners expect the deli’s new East Main Street location will make it more accessible to potential customers who couldn’t make it out to their past location, such as Knox students. Jim emphasized the importance of attempting to keep a business expanding.

“If you’re in business you always want to grow. If you want to stay stagnant, you’re not going to stay long at it, because it’s not rewarding,” he said.

The Registers spoke with regulars from their previous location and expect them to follow the restaurant to its new space. Jim Register credited the quality of their food and customer service as what keeps their clientele coming to them.

“If you don’t satisfy the customer you’re not going to be in the business very long,” he said.

The Registers expect the restaurant’s menu, which includes sandwiches, salads and pies, to be kept intact at the new location.

“Right now starting off it’s going to be the same as what it was. Maybe a few extras, but nothing extreme,” Jim said.

The date of the deli’s reopening is as of yet unannounced. Delino’s owners are looking forward to welcoming new customers when they do open their doors, describing serving the customers as among the most rewarding parts of running the business.

“To interact with the customers, that’s what’s enjoyable about it … We’re open to accepting anybody that comes through our doors,” Jim said.

Carlos Flores-Gaytan, Co-News Editor
Co-News Editor

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