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Letter to the Editor: Faculty tweets influencing prospective students

Dear Dr. Amott:


I read an article this morning alerting me to the vile public comments (isn’t Twitter a public social media outlet) your visiting professor Kwame Zulu Shabazz has made. While anti-Semitism is nothing new, it strikes me as odd that you and the College, a place of tolerance, would not roundly condemn these anti-Semitic statements. The university is a place of thoughts and ideas, not a dark home to conspiracies, lies and falsehoods parading as truths.

Two arguments I would like to make here:

  1. If an incoming admitted student were found to have posted racist material on their Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram account, would you not rescind their admission to Knox? Do you have a policy for this?
  2. If the visiting professor in question was white and made derogatory comments about blacks, would you still handle this incident in the same manner?

My daughter is a sophomore in a suburban Chicago high school. Due to your administration’s inaction in confronting Mr. Shabazz’s hateful rhetoric I do not think that Knox College will be on her list of colleges to visit. Nor do I think her Jewish friends will find the College worthy of consideration. As a university president, it is your job to ensure civilized discourse and not encourage the dark lies of hatred and bigotry. I believe you must do what a President should do — you must lead.


Very truly yours,

Rod Loewenthal

TKS Staff

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May 05, 2018

This letter was right to the point. Insane Knox college would allow their association with someone who seems to harbor anti semitic views. Even more sad is their silence and inaction. I would never send my child to Knox and I hope others will do the same and keep their kids away from Knox.

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