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Athletic Awards Briefs

The athletic awards banquet was this past week. The David Agar Athletic Service Award, given to the person/people with the most outstanding contributions to athletics in a non-competitive capacity, was given to admissions employee Amelia Zielke. The Evelyn Bielefeldt award was given to the senior female student-athlete with the most outstanding career in intercollegiate athletics. Senior soccer and basketball player Kayla Brown claimed this award.

The John W. Hilding Prize, granted to the senior male athlete with the most outstanding career in intercollegiate athletics, was given to senior football and baseball player Matt McCaffrey. Senior softball players Emily Stevenson and Kristen Koviekis earned the Jeff Sandburg Mental Toughness Award for dealing with adversity most effectively. Junior track and football athlete Malik Hamilton was granted the Cleave Brigman Trophy for being the most “outstanding performer in an individual sport” in a given year, given for his performance during the track season. Senior cross country and track athlete Frankie Larsen was given the Michel Loomis Award for the same reason.

The Dean Trevor Memorial Award was given to senior football player Cody Hipp for exemplifying the traits of Dean Trevor. Larsen was given this same award for women athletes. Sophomore football and baseball player Kobe Shutter earned the K-Club Award for Men for maintaining an outstanding academic record during their sophomore year, lettering in two sports and contributing significantly to the athletics program. Sophomore track athlete Michaela Kowalewski achieved the same award for women.

Freshman basketballer Blake Godbold earned the Arvid Pierre Zetterberg Jr. Prize for men for exhibiting the highest quality of character, scholarship and interest in sports during his freshman year. Freshman softball player Kenzie Funk earned this award for women. Seasoned baseball fans and Galesburg residents Pete Thierry and Ray Pickrel were given the David Robinson Fan of the Year Award for giving a Knox team the most sincere and comprehensive support during any given year.

The Hunter Trophy was given to McCaffrey for maintaining the highest scholastic average during his junior year while lettering in two sports. The Moller Cup was given to senior cross country runner Rho Katz for the same reason.

The Harley Knosher Awards for male and female outstanding athlete of the year were given to two soccer players, senior Phelipe Graske and sophomore Jenna Milligan.


Emily Mosher, Sports Editor

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