Campus / News / September 26, 2018

Student Senate Briefing: First Meeting

Student Senate held its first meeting of the school term, focused largely on introducing themselves and welcoming new members to the organization.

While introducing themselves, committee heads brought up key issues they would be looking at this school year such as smoking on campus and why students choose to go off board.

Addressing the senate, President Leonard Monterey brought up his idea to organize a summit on free speech on campus, intending to address the need to make students feel safe being open about their opinions. His concept for the summit would involve inviting leadership from other ACM schools to the event.

Senate leadership acknowledged past issues with senate attendance, with new rules on attendance drafted by Vice-President Irene Stephenson being brought forth for consideration.

The rules included a strict policy of only two unexcused absences per term before a senator is put on probation, and clarified that issues such as homework did not merit an excused absence.

After senators asked for clarification on several aspects of the rules, it was agreed to push a vote on the proposal to the following meeting to allow for revision. Stephenson requested that in the future senators read proposals and suggest clarifications before meetings take place.

Carlos Flores-Gaytan, Co-News Editor
Co-News Editor

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