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Class of 2019 President juggles many leadership positions

Senior Bob Lallky is from Homer Glen, IL and is double majoring in Political Science and Global Business. (Katy Coseglia/TKS)

When Senior Class President Bob Lallky first joined Union Board, he discovered an unexpected love for event planning. This affinity would lead to a hectic day-to-day schedule, however Lallky is glad to have found a fulfilling role on campus —

or really, several fulfilling roles on campus.

Lallky was appointed Committee Chair on Union Board as a sophomore and by junior year he had become Special Events Coordinator, spearheading Flunk Day preparations. In addition to his Union Board activities and his role as Senior Class President, Lallky has helped plan events on campus as treasurer for Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE), is a Resident Advisor and an executive member of Interfraternity Council (IFC).

“It’s just really rewarding to see an event start at an idea and come to fruition,” Lallky said. “I love to help other people and getting those thank yous, seeing smiles on people’s faces.”

While Lallky has amassed a great deal of responsibility, he is careful not to overextend himself. Besides the senior class presidency, most of Lallky’s organizations meet just once or twice a week. On those days, Lallky is careful to take time for himself.

“I block off time that I’m just unavailable,” Lallky said. “I think that’s the biggest thing for me, making sure I have that time to de-stress and unwind.”

If Lallky feels he is not performing to the best of his abilities, he will step down from a position. After two years of working with IFC, Lallky recognized that he was not excited about it and resigned to spend more time on his other leadership activities. Lallky said he would rather give up a position to someone else than fulfill it halfheartedly.

“The most difficult thing is making sure I can give 100 percent to all the commitments that I have and if I can’t, then maybe taking a step back and realizing it’s not for me,” Lallky said.

Learning to delegate responsibilities has also helped Lallky achieve this balance between commitments, schoolwork and personal time. He admits to being overly self-reliant in the past. Giving up some of his responsibility to others and trusting in the abilities of coworkers has allowed Lallky to take on new challenges like the senior class presidency, which perfectly combines his love of event planning and community building.

“I’ve learned a lot about just making sure I put enough faith and effort in others, letting them do their thing, because they’re 100 percent capable too,” Lallky said.

Lallky also tries to include a high degree of collaboration with the student body in his leadership activities, like allowing his peers to vote on the Flunk Day theme last year. Union Board also tries to give students a voice as much as possible. Lallky believes that being visible on campus and listening to event attendees are key to ensuring students feel heard.

Upon graduating, Lallky will leave the United States for the first time on a well-deserved vacation. Lallky has been saving up for years to reward himself for completing college with a trip. While he has yet to settle on a destination, the leading candidate is currently a cruise to Jamaica.

After his break, Lallky plans to go into business, possibly as a manager or product analyst. Lallky, who has worked retail since high school, is interested in the human aspects of running a company. His various commitments on campus center on this idea of giving people the best possible experience. Interacting with people and receiving feedback are his favorite parts of any job. This passion for making personal connections has led Lallky to set his sights on local government in the long run.

“Local politics is the endgame I’d say,” Lallky said. “For now, business. I’d like to be mayor one day but I’ve got to build myself up a little bit.”

Phoebe Billups, Staff Writer

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