Arts & Culture / Mosaic / October 31, 2018

Students stay spooky

Junior Sushank Dhamala and friend are a Panda Bear and DJ Marshmello. (Photo courtesy of Sushank Dhamala)

Jenn Erl ‘19 is the Velma to Steph Sroczynski’s Daphne. Ash Stahulak dressed as Scooby and Jenni Nugent went as Shaggy at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. (Photo courtesy of Jenn Erl).

(Left to right) Elwira Krzyzanowska, Swapnil Mishra ‘18, Karolina Durlik celebrate Halloween at the University of Chicago. (Photo courtesy of Swapnil Mishra)

Billy Nguyen ‘20 and Keara Crook ‘19 are dressed as Boo Bee. (Photo courtesy of Keara Crook)

Zarah Khan, Co-Mosaic Editor
Zarah Khan is a senior majoring in English literature and minoring in political science. She started volunteer writing during Fall term of her sophomore year.

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