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Player of the Week

Freshman Lydia Mitchell was the top goal scorer for the Fire this year and a great contributor to the team. She scored eight goals throughout the season, had five assists and 21 points total. Mitchell’s shot on goal percentage was .519. At the end of the season, Mitchell was named to the all-conference team with the award of Newcomer of the Year, and finished eighth in the conference overall.

Mitchell especially shined in the game against St. Norbert on Sept. 30. She scored twice and led the Fire to a 4-1 victory. She averaged 3.76 shots per game and one point per game. Mitchell started in all but three of the games this season, proving her abilities even as a freshman. Mitchell had her best shot on goal percentage in one of the Fire’s earlier games. In the game against Simpson College on Sept. 8, Mitchell had a shot on goal percentage of .625. Mitchell along with her teammates will look to improve their statistics next year and hopefully win the conference for the fourth year in a row.



Emily Mosher, Sports Editor

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