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Better Than Your Horoscope: ‘How do I slow the passage of time so that I never have to graduate?’

Welcome to “Better Than Your Horoscope,” where you send me your questions about life, Knox, TKS, the world, etc. and I do my best to answer them. This week we have a question that will ring true for the Class of 2019:


How do I slow the passage of time so that I never have to graduate?


While I am definitely not qualified to give any answers regarding science or slowing the passage of time (if I were I promise I would tell you), as a senior at Knox I can understand where you’re coming from.

While I’m excited by the prospect of no longer being a student — if you think about it, we’ve been students for the last 17 years — I’m also terrified of the open-ended, uncertain vortex that is post-grad life. Where will I be? Who will I be with? What will I be doing? Do I even know what I want any of those answers to be?

These last few years at Knox have been nothing short of tumultuous for me, but they’ve also been incredibly rewarding, fun and the best years of my life thus far. I’ve found home here and created my own homes. I’m sure you feel the same way.

So how do you leave a home?

How did you leave your home to come to Knox?

This time has me thinking a lot about graduating from high school.  During that time, I tried to slow down time by making the most of it: by throwing caution to the wind, making new friends, saying yes to anything that came my way, and spending time with all the people I loved since I knew it was never going to be that way again.

And I was right. Because life can’t stay the same forever. It won’t.

So yes, it’s depressing, but try to keep that in mind. You will never be an undergrad student at a little college on the prairie again. After these next few months, this will be something that is part of your past. And yeah, that’s kind of terrifying.

So you have to make the most of it. Slow the passage of time by doing as much as possible. Make a bucket list of all the things you said you would do in Galesburg that you never did. Take a road trip. Swim in a lake. Go sledding. Dance in a goddamn cornfield. Throw celebrations for the most minor occasions.

Of course, you’ll also have to figure out what you’ll be doing post-June, so you should give that your all as well. But it’s also okay to not know. It’s okay to get to graduation and not have it all figured out. We have a lot of time in our lives to figure things out. We just don’t have a lot of time left here.

So please, please enjoy it. I know I’ll be trying my best to do the same.





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Erika Riley, Editor-in-Chief
Erika Riley is a junior majoring in creative writing and minoring in journalism. During her sophomore year, she worked as a news editor, and during her freshman year, she worked as a layout editor. She is the winner of the 2017 Ida M. Tarbell Prize for Investigative Reporting and the recipient of First Place Front Page Layout from the Illinois Press Association in 2016. Twitter: @ej_riley

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