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Your CBD Store opens in Galesburg

Employee Jaimmie Harvey works at Your CBD Store on Henderson which opened Jan. 21. Harvey started at a store location in Iowa. (Ali Olejniczak/TKS)

Your CBD Store had its grand opening on Jan. 21 and is located on 430 N. Henderson. The store is a chain based in Tampa but has locations in 24 states.

Employee Jaimmie Harvey began working at the Galesburg shop, which was a started by a family member after being trained in one of the five Iowa locations. The family is planning to continue opening stores in the midwest, with locations being built in Peoria and Moline in the next few months. For Harvey, the inspiration to join the industry came from witnessing the effect CBD had on her nephew’s mental health. She said he had been experiencing severe anxiety and depression that impacted his ability to function.

“He got to where he didn’t like to go out of the house,” she said. “Just really only interacted through video games or social media.”

Harvey noted how quickly his mental health improved, and that he was able to stop taking prescribed Xanax due to the effects the CBD had on him.

“After four days he went off the Xanax, and has been ever since,” she said. “A completely different personality. Really his anxiety had dissipated.”

Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in the hemp plant and has been shown to have significant medical benefits, such as relief for anxiety or chronic pain. However, unlike using marijuana, users do not experience a “high” when using CBD.

While Harvey does not seek to make scientific claims, she listed pain management, insomnia and addiction as some of the numerous targeted uses for CBD oil. The CBD oil comes in a variety of forms that Harvey says are more effective for different uses. Some of the forms sold in the Galesburg shop are gummy candy, topical cream and water-soluble oil to add to drinks.

Since its opening, the Galesburg location has been widely successful. Averaging about 50 customers a day after being open a little over two weeks, Harvey has already had to restock several items she thought she had bought too much of. She thinks its success has to do solely with the product’s ability to offer genuine relief for so many conditions.

Products come in several forms, including topical cream, liquid for vapes and edible candy. (Ali Olejniczak/TKS)

“The reason really is because we’ve helped so many people. It’s amazing, the results have just been great,” she said. “We can’t make any medical claims because we’re not doctors, we’re not nurses. It’s based on our feedback from the customers and research we’ve done on the Internet.”

Harvey has not gained too many regular customers yet, but she is confident that some customers who’ve returned once already will continue to come back. She mentioned that many customers come back after their first purchase with friends or family members who they feel should try CBD oil. She feels that customers who’ve tried it want to bring the same relief to their loved ones.

“In your family if you see somebody suffering, or your friends, you’re gonna go ‘oh, you’ve got that anxiety … this stuff’s gonna help,’” she said.

Harvey is happy to see customers come back with their friends or family. She mentioned a particular instance of an elderly lady showing up with several of her friends, who all ended up trying CBD oil.

Your CBD Store also sells products for pets. The treats contain CBD and can be used to treat anxiety and joint pain in animals. (Ali Olejniczak/TKS)

“That’s a really good feeling, when you see that many people getting relief,” she said.

Not only do customers seek relief from pain and mental health struggles, but they also come seeking to free themselves from addictive substances.

“A lot of people, especially the older people that we’ve seen in here are trying to get off different narcotics,” Harvey said. “And we’re like ‘no, you can’t just quit taking stuffÉ take this and back off a little bit.’”

Your CBD Store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and is closed on Sundays.


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