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Men’s basketball coach Walden resigns

Knox College Prairie Fire men’s basketball vs. Iowa Wesleyan. Iowa Wesleyan 98 – Knox 89. (Photo courtesy of the Office of Communications)

Head men’s basketball coach Kevin Walden has resigned.

Feb. 19 at 4:30 p.m. a mandatory team meeting was called for the men’s basketball team. Athletic director Daniella Irle and head strength and conditioning coach Andy Gibbons, assistant coach Garrett Williams, assistant athletic director Lexie Vernon, head athletic trainer Scott Sunderland, as well as the majority of the men’s basketball team, were present, says sophomore basketball player Blake Godbold.

In this meeting, it was announced to the players that Walden made the decision to resign.

“He said he was resigning. He felt that there needed to be a new face of the program and he feels that this group can still win even with our record this year. At the end of the day, he wanted us to become better men regardless of how we were as basketball players,” Godbold said.

A search for a new coach will begin immediately and the basketball players will outline what qualities and values they would like to see in the next hire.

“We wish Kevin the best of luck in his future endeavors,” Irle said in an article on the Prairie Fire website. “He has served his alma mater faithfully for over a decade. You will not find a coach that cares more about his players. A national search for his replacement will begin immediately.”

The men’s basketball season is over until the non-traditional season next Fall, so the team will have time to recuperate and choose the best coach for the program.

Emily Mosher, Sports Editor

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