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Student Senate Briefing: Five theme houses and apple orchard approved

In their last meeting, Student Senate approved a $50 funding request from Classics Club for bringing a speaker to campus and a $2,535 request from X-Journal for supporting future issues of the publication.

Additionally, a $2,000 request from M.E.Ch.A. was approved for attending a national M.E.Ch.A. event in Los Angeles. The funding is intended only as a loan, as M.E.Ch.A. will be fundraising to cover the full cost of attending the event.

M.E.Ch.A. fundraises on its own to attend the event every year, but this year’s fundraising began late due to miscommunication on what crowdfunding platform to use. The location of the event shifting from Utah to Los Angeles also resulted in a setback in covering the costs.

Treasurer Cayne Randle explained that although Senate can not officially give funding in the form of a loan, it is being treated as an honor-based situation. If the funding is not reimbursed to Student Senate, it would be taken into consideration in future instances where M.E.Ch.A. approaches Senate for money.

Five potential theme houses came before Student Senate approval, with the newly established prospective houses being Botanical House, Culinary House, Table Top House and Friends of Green Oaks House. The lone current theme house applying to remain on campus was Smash House. All five houses were approved by Senate.

Students for Sustainability Vice-President Isaac Hughes presented a sustainability fund request. The $2,160 request was for the establishment of a food forest near the Knox Farm, beginning with the planting of 16 apple trees.

Hughes described plans for the the apples to be given to Dining Services, and future intentions to grow various kinds of berries on the land. It will be located on a currently unused mound behind the Knox Farm. Funding for the project was approved by Senate.

The next Student Senate meeting is Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. in the Alumni Room in Old Main.

Carlos Flores-Gaytan, Co-News Editor
Co-News Editor

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