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Personal trainer welcomed to athletics

Katie Klassen recently began her personal training career at Knox College after her husband, Chris Klassen, was hired on as the women’s basketball assistant coach. After beginning her personal training career in 2015, Katie was teaching at a small studio called Amped Fitness in Tucson, Ariz., where she began her fitness journey.

“I just started going to workout. I was always athletic, always into sports and then I had my kids and that kind of died off,” [Katie] Klassen said. “I found my way into a gym and learned how to lift weights and decided I wanted to get certified. It became a passion of mine and I wanted to be able to teach people how to better their fitness and their health and I ended up getting certified and becoming a trainer.”

In coming to Knox, Klassen had to get a job to keep an income for her family, having two kids. Chris came in October for the women’s basketball season and Klassen and their kids followed in December. Now, Klassen is excited to begin her personal training services at Knox. Klassen has now also been hired as the assistant track and field coach, which was something unexpected but she says she is eager to implement workouts into their practices as well.

“I had to take on another job just to get us some income when we first came here. So I needed to get a job when I got here and I’ve been doing that during the week. And I was hired as the assistant track coach too, so it’s been pretty busy, so it’s not getting there quite as quickly as I wanted it to,” Klassen said.

Klassen’s rates are reasonable for students, as she gives a discounted rate if you are a student at Knox. A typical training session looks different for everyone, as people’s fitness levels vary from person to person.

“It depends on [someone’s] fitness level and the way I go about it would be to first set up a consultation, find out what their background is, what they’re comfortable with. Figure out what workouts would consist of and then kind of play off of that and figure out what kind of length of time they would want in a training session. Typically I like to offer 30 to 45 minutes and ease into it and figure out where their limitations may be and cater the workouts towards the individual,” Klassen said.

If you are hesitant to do training, Klassen has some words of advice.

“Just try it. You know, the hardest part is making that first step into the door. And then once you do, once you start something, it’s a little bit easier when you have someone who can guide you through things and give you ideas. It’s easier to keep it consistent,” Klassen said.

If you are interested in her services, you can contact her by text, call or email: 520-204-0420 or



Emily Mosher, Sports Editor

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