Mosaic / February 27, 2019

TKS Asks: What didn’t win at the Oscars that should have?

“I really wanted ‘BlacKkKlansman to win [best picture] because honestly it was so moving … I feel like the Oscars are going down every year.” – Sophomore Lola Stam



“‘I thought ‘Green Book’ shouldn’t have won. I just wanted Rami Malek and the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ sh*t to win and we’re good .” – Sophomore Iman Toskic


“I’m glad ‘A Star Is Born’ didn’t win because I think it didn’t do a good job of addressing the issues of suicide and alcoholism.” – Junior Bailey Morse

“‘Green Book’ sucked, everybody hated it. It was a story about black people but every black person hated it because it was told so poorly .” – Sophomore John Harden

Sadie Cheney, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Sadie Cheney is a Gender and Women Studies major with a double minor in Journalism and Dance Studies. They started as a volunteer writer for discourse and then staff writer their sophomore year and was a mosaic editor in their junior year. They also have interned at The Times Indicator in Fremont, Michigan, The Register-Mail in Galesburg, IL, and OUT FRONT Magazine in Denver, Colorado.

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