Campus / News / March 6, 2019

Student Senate Briefing: Senate tables Common Ground petition

During Student Senate’s final meeting of the term last Thursday, President Sam Cohen confirmed that a Proposed Initiative Petition regarding concerns with the campus organization InterVarsity Christian Fellowship would be addressed by Senate at the start of Spring Term.

Common Ground, the student organization behind the petition, invoked Senate bylaw 5.A allowing students to bring an initiative to the Senate agenda via a petition.

The signatures on the petition, which must be from a minimum of ten percent of full-­time students, are in the process of being verified.

Cohen stated that both sides of the conflict would be heard from in Senate next term. In light of the new initiative, the non-discrimination policy previously discussed by Senate in response to the controversy will remain tabled.

Diversity Chair Amn Farooq, who was been working with CIL director Tianna Cervantes on designing transition training for the Senate exec, stated that a session was held last Wednesday with Senate advisor Anne Ehrlich and other diversity committee members.

Farooq stated that she will be taking feedback on the training, which is focused on diversity and leadership skills, before it becomes part of the Senate bylaws.

The Curriculum Policy Committee reported on a vote to change wording in the Knox catalogue from requiring an Immersive / Active Inquiry Experience to simply recommending it. The committee is also discussing possible changes to S/U grading policy.

Carlos Flores-Gaytan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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