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Better Than Your Horoscope: I am not sure where we stand. What do I do?

Welcome back to Better Than Your Horoscope, where you send me your questions and I answer them to the best of my ability.

Today, I’m answering two questions! A double header! Here’s the first:


I hung out with a guy for a little bit, and we hooked up a few times. I want it to continue but we never really communicated our feelings and now I’m not sure where we stand? What do I DO?


Well, I think a good place to start would be to communicate those feelings!

How do you know that he’s not thinking the same thing that you are? And just waiting for you to be the one to say something?

In the world of college relationships and not-relationships, it’s definitely tricky to know what exactly is going on. Especially if you were just “hanging out” and hooking up, it may not have been clear that you were interested in seeing him more.

But it sounds like it was going well! So why stop?

If you want to know where you stand, you should ask! The wonders of talking! I’m going to rename this column, “Please talk to them!” It would do both of you some good!

Send him a text. See what happens. Good luck!

And the second question:


What should I do if my two best friends start dating? One of them is planning to ask the other out, and I’m worried that I won’t be able to see them as much if they’re together.


And to this question, I have the same exact answer: talk to them! A good talk is always better than not talking!

It’s scary to be honest with people, but resigning yourself to being upset and not standing up for yourself is a little scarier of a prospect. But maybe it’s the easier option. Or it seems that way.

Taking care of yourself and prioritizing your friendships and relationships is not selfish. So just give them a heads up. Make some time in your schedule for them. If you prioritize them, they should prioritize you, too.

Or maybe trust that they’ll still make time for you. Things will be different, but they’re still your best friends!

I wish you all the happiest of spring terms of being honest and open with the people around you!





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Erika Riley, Editor-in-Chief
Erika Riley is a junior majoring in creative writing and minoring in journalism. During her sophomore year, she worked as a news editor, and during her freshman year, she worked as a layout editor. She is the winner of the 2017 Ida M. Tarbell Prize for Investigative Reporting and the recipient of First Place Front Page Layout from the Illinois Press Association in 2016. Twitter: @ej_riley

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