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Letter to the Editor: Standing up to oppression takes more than inaction

Dear Intervarsity Christian Fellowship,

Common Ground exec has reflected on what was said during the last Senate meeting. It was brought up again and again that standing up to an oppressive organization is more powerful than simply removing yourself from it. We believe there is merit to that.

Common Ground is officially asking IVCF to stand up to your national organization. We request that you tell your nationals, in a formal capacity, that your chapter does not condone IVCF’s homophobic and discriminatory policies. We ask you to tell them that you support the LGBTQ+ community’s right to live, love, work and marry as we choose. We also ask that you request a review of IVCF’s national ideological stance on human sexuality. We will happily discuss the ways in which these actions can be done and overseen.

Finally, we ask that this entire process is done publicly. It is time that IVCF is held accountable to the LGBTQ+ community, to Knox as a whole, and to themselves.

We would like to note that this is the only outcome, besides disaffiliation, that Common Ground will not view as an act of homophobia. As Common Ground’s mission is to fight homophobia on this campus, we would continue to take action as we deem fit.

We sincerely hope, however, that this is where the issue finds its solution, and that we can come together to make positive change. It’s time that we all join together against hate.




Ashley Kerley, Teslin Penoyer, Elleri Scriver

On behalf of Common Ground


TKS Staff

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