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Communication is key to a strong campus and newspaper

As Spring Term begins, we would like to reemphasize the need for maintaining open lines of communication within our entire community, administration, faculty and students alike. Over the past few weeks, we have noticed times when the transparency within our community was not where we should all expect it to be, leading to more complicated situations than necessary. Instead of continuing down this path that only harms our community, we would like to call the entire Knox campus to rededicate itself to clear communication, including in situations where TKS is involved.

TKS covers many different issues of importance to the Knox community, including monthly faculty meetings. During these meetings, faculty members discuss changes and solutions to issues all of us face in our community, but we have been dismayed to find that our reporters are consistently removed from the meeting under the guise of “confidential information” being discussed. After such meetings, professors who were present often provide TKS with a rundown on the topics discussed during this closed period, and we are shocked to find that these issues do not contain sensitive information. Even after requesting an explanation from the president of the meetings, TKS has yet to receive a response, and we do not yet understand why the administration is attempting to hide important information from the Knox community.

In addition to a lack of productive connection with the faculty, we feel that we have not been in close enough communication with members of the student body. We work on dozens of stories for print every single week, and many more that never get printed. We understand that for the students and clubs covered in these articles, this story marks a highlight of their term or year. Even with all of the hard work and double-checking that goes into each story, we acknowledge that we are not perfect, mistakes happen. If you feel that there are inaccuracies in the telling or coverage of the story, please tell us so we can correct the issues at hand. If we aren’t told of these problems, we will not be able to set the record straight and present the full picture to our community.

So as we enter the heart of Spring Term, let us all recommit to keeping open lines of communication within the campus community. Sometimes this will mean a short explanation for why a certain decision has been made, while other times it will require more work on our end to correct inaccuracies we inadvertently write into our stories. We are committed to this community and to the fair and factual portrayal of the clubs, professors and students that represent it. Help us continue to serve you by ensuring that we are in the loop with all your questions, concerns and decisions throughout this term and beyond.

If you have a story for us to cover, or would like to correct an inaccuracy in our recent reporting, please feel free to email our editor-in-chief at ejriley@knox.edu, send a Facebook message to our account, or come to our Monday writer’s meeting at 5:15 p.m. in the Seymour Union publication office.

TKS Editorial Board

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