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Finding comfort in your own skin

When you first start to work out you look around and see what everyone else is doing. Some people watch the form or the exercise. Others are curious if they will ever look like that. For many years, I was the curious one and I still have my moments. But I learned that going to the gym wasn’t about what you look like, it’s about being comfortable with how you look. Most people in the gym are working on losing weight or building muscle, but everyone in the gym is working on loving themselves.

Sometimes going to the gym is hard because you don’t want to be the worst one in there or be judged for what you look like, but the gym shouldn’t be that way. The gym should be a place of acceptance, a place where people go to work on themselves inside and out. The gym can be a place to rid yourself of the negativity and a place to accept your flaws. No one said you must be the most fit, you just need to love yourself for who you are. If that means making a change to your body then take the steps, reach out for help and give it your all.

When people hate how they look there are only few ways to change their opinion of themselves. The best way, in my opinion, would be to work towards a body they love and love themselves for who they are. The latter seems to be much harder said than done. I know I could never have changed my mentality without changing my actions when it came to how I looked. I knew I was never going to be okay with my body until I chose to change it. It came down to how badly I wanted to love myself, how happy I wanted to be and how hard I wanted to work. It didn’t matter if I lost weight or if I looked better, it only mattered that I made the effort and I felt better for it.

You may not love the body you have or the person you are, but you can start to change that. If you want to make a change you must take the first step. Nothing will be handed to you in the fitness world, everything is earned and everything takes work. Even if that first step is just making it to the gym, it is a step you didn’t take yesterday. Fitness is about taking the small victories so that in the end you can appreciate the bigger victory: acceptance. Acceptance of yourself, your body and your mind. All of which can be worked on in the gym.

People often believe that the strongest person in the gym has the biggest muscles or is the most toned. Wrong. The strongest person in the gym is the one who continues to go despite feeling the same. The person who pushes themselves to new limits every day and never gives up. The person who shows up even when they think it is worthless. The person who gives it their all even when they have nothing left to give. The person fighting to be comfortable in their own skin every step of the way.

Annie Gerdes

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