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Powerlifting Tips: Relieving stress in the gym

We would like to remind all readers to check in with their peers and themselves during these trying times. Our campus has experienced multiple tragedies and the loss of several members of our community this year. It is normal to be feeling at a loss for what to do, what to say and how to cope.

The editorial board’s call for check-ins is not an implication that any of these tragedies could have been averted but a reminder that we are all but fragile human beings who can only take so much.

As Frantz Salomon told the students he mentored, it’s important to take care of each other. Not because of our personal connections to one another, but because we are all a part of the same community. In his memory, we should carry this sentiment on. Care about the people around you. Make sure they’re doing alright. The only way we can do well as a collective is if we are all doing well individually. So your relationship with Knox is affected by the health of people you may not even know but should still care about.

As we are approaching the end of Spring Term, stress levels are high and the pressure is on. Some students are worried about returning home over the summer break. Others are anxious about their unknown, unclear futures.

Staff members and faculty members are scrambling to get ready for finals and commencement in the wake of difficulty and tragedy.

On the upside, we are all in it together, so we understand each other’s pain. We know what we need to do to help each other. We need to show the kind of support and love we want to be shown to us.

We encourage all students, faculty and staff to check in with their peers and themselves. While counseling services will be offering sessions per usual, their availability may decrease or change due to the time of the term. If you feel you need therapy after hours, you can call campus safety and ask to speak with the mental health professional on call. They will be able to connect you to a therapist momentarily. The HOPE Center is also available as a space away from the chaos of campus. Whether you need to study in a quiet space or need a change of environment, visiting and spending time in the HOPE Center may help more than you think.

To prepare for the summer, you can ask your therapist to help you find counselors in your area for the summer. Continuing your mental health care is important if you would like to make steady progress.

Ask your friends how they are doing and actually listen to their response. Ask yourself how you are doing and be brutally honest. What do you need? What are you feeling? Have you processed all your emotions?

It’s okay if you haven’t yet. It’s okay if you’re not sure. But make sure you do because emotional and mental health are the foundations of academic success and general positivity.

The Knox community must look out for one another. Take the time to interact with the people you see, be it acquaintances, friends, classmates.


Annie Gerdes

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