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Staying in shape over the summer

With school winding down and summer drawing closer, are you prepared for the summer? Most people spend a lot of time getting in shape for the summer, but they don’t actually do anything during the summer itself. If you want to stay in shape throughout the summer, it is necessary to continue what you started before summer hits. If you are someone who lifts or exercises 3-4 days a week during school in preparation for summer, you should continue to do so. Continuing to exercise throughout the summer is essential to stay in shape.

Almost everyone is going to be working over the summer as well as having fun, but that is no excuse not to exercise. Gym memberships are really expensive, especially for 2-3 months, so don’t even take that route. If you already have a membership, then that’s great, but not having a membership somewhere does not mean the end of your summer lifting. You can workout in many different ways that don’t require going to the gym somewhere.

If you are someone who is going to be working a lot, try to find some way to make your work like a workout. Find a way to enjoy work while getting something out of it.

Playing pick-up sports is a great way to exercise during the summer and does not require a gym. Most gyms have basketball courts, so you can pay for a day pass and join the pick-up games going on. This makes pick-up games perfect for summer exercise.

Get a bike! Biking is a great way to get around while incorporating exercise. Yes, it is a lot of cardio, but it will also help you stay in shape.

Use the things around you! Lots of people have various objects in their houses that they could use to lift in order to get exercise in. If you have to move furniture in your house, then maybe get some squats in with that.

You shouldn’t waste all the time and effort that you spent getting in shape for summer by not doing anything during it. Get creative with how you plan to exercise and you will be in great shape. Pick-up games, biking and work are all great ways to stay in shape. Take advantage of the stuff around you to stay on top of your body and the results will be amazing.

James Dinaso

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